Taxis hanging China’s national flags rally on the main streets of Hong Kong on Aug. 23, 2019.

HONG KONG – Nearly 600 taxis on Friday participated here in a peace rally against violence and showed Hong Kong residents’ love for their home and the motherland.

The rally, organized by civil group Safeguard Hong Kong and Hong Kong Taxi Drivers and Operators Association, was aimed at urging the Hong Kong community to jointly oppose violence and restore social order as soon as possible, said the organizers.

Wong Yat-fung, director-general of Hong Kong Taxi Drivers and Operators Association, said that Hong Kong has witnessed serious traffic congestion recently due to illegal demonstrations.

The worsening situation has affected the livelihood of taxi drivers, reducing the income of many by more than 50 percent, Wong added.

Kennedy Wong Ying-ho, convener of Safeguard Hong Kong, said that the rally was launched amid the two-month-long worrisome chaos in Hong Kong, in which some violent demonstrators blocked traffic and harassed passengers at the airport, damaging Hong Kong’s image.

These are the acts of only a few people, and the overwhelming majority of Hong Kong residents are civilized, law-abiding and hospitable, Wong stressed, adding that the rally was aimed at showing Hong Kong’s charm to the public and tourists through the taxi drivers’ warm and thoughtful service, so as to attract more tourists to Hong Kong and revitalize the severely affected tourism industry.