5G technology will bring about revolutionary changes to the world. Photo: IC

Coordinating with Huawei, its strategic partner, Sunrise pioneered the introduction of the 5G network in Europe. By operating the initial 5G project in Europe, the two companies are strongly committed to providing 5G applications for both private and public sectors. The joint innovation center aims to assist Switzerland forging its 5G ecosystem. Meanwhile, in Opfikon (Switzerland), the headquarters of Sunrise, both the companies will enable the 5G application scenarios which have been previously launched or are about to be commercially applied.

“Along with the opening of the first 5G joint innovation center in Europe, we are proving ourselves as a world-leading 5G provider who has stepped forward in this particular area. I feel extremely proud of us, being the first provider worldwide of the 5G cloud gaming service which is based on 4K resolution,” said Olaf Swantee, CEO of Sunrise. 

At the same time, Huawei is also operating an OpenLab within the joint innovation center, equipped with the advanced technologies. The OpenLab enables developers of 5G applications to examine the applications and solutions in real scenarios before they are commercially applied.

“The purpose of the establishment of the joint innovation center is to foster creativity, enhance the experience, and provide the 5G services,” said Ding Yun, CEO and Executive Director of the Huawei Operators BG.

“The Center is significantly important to both Huawei and Switzerland. It is established for presenting the real application scenarios of the 5G network to its business customers and consumers. Meanwhile, it allows third-party companies to conduct further research and analysis upon ongoing 5G applications,” said Wang Haitao, CEO of Huawei Switzerland.

Smart agriculture: environment-friendly technology for production improvement

At Agroscope, an agricultural research center in Thurgau, Switzerland, researchers are using the updated 5G network to test the latest technologies in order to help the herdsmen to improve their cows’ milk production and track cows’ feeding processes. By ensuring the best health conditions of the livestock, this system is designed to achieve the highest milk production eventually.

In terms of farming, farmers can track real-time data via field antennas. Antennas are particularly used for measuring the nitrogen content of the plants. And based on the data, farmers can conduct precision fertilization with a more effective and environmentally friendly approach. 

Intelligent Manufacturing: 5G enables seamless production 

The international industrial company GF Machining Solutions focuses on highly precious manufacturing technologies. The 5G network has been fully deployed in the factory at Biel, Switzerland. The download speeds and transfer rates within the factory floor exceeded 1.1 Gbit/s, which is 10 times faster than it was before, which is preparing the factory with every single compulsory application for a seamless future production. 

5G cloud gaming service: leading trend for next generation 

In the coming November, Sunrise and Gamestream will jointly release their 5G Game Cloud application. For the very first time, users can indulge themselves in 4K gaming experience via any 5G supported device. The 5G network of Sunrise is characterized by stable connection, wide bandwidth, and low or zero-latency services. 

5G diversifies live broadcast

Following the official announcement last summer by St. Jakob-Park station, 5G has now been fully adapted. The new LAN and Wi-Fi infrastructure upgraded network speed above 10Gbit/s. After the completion of the infrastructural installations, ultra-HD cameras, monitors and sensors, real-time playback, virtual pitch tour,and multi-angles playback are widely available to the audience. 

Importance of promoting digital tourism 

In November 2019, Sunrise will launch the globally initial5G project at Glarus Alps (2,252 meters), Grisons, tailoring the first standardized 5G network for the ski resort. This project will provide diverse services to the whole ski resort, such as mobile internet with ultra-high-speed bandwidth and 4K live streaming.    

So far, Sunrise 5G network has already covered 262 towns (regarding the places with more than 80% percent coverage). Continuous expansion of 5G coverage is expected in big cities like Zurich, which will soon welcome the arrival of 5G.