China’s State Council made public a decree Tuesday to prompt the integrated platform building for e-government services to optimize the business environment and make government services more easily available.

The decree clarifies the goal and overall structure of the integrated platform for e-government services, aiming to standardize the services nationwide, facilitate information sharing and coordinate services among regions and departments at various levels.

The General Office of the State Council will take charge of the task, according to the decree signed by Premier Li Keqiang.

All government services, unless otherwise specified by laws and regulations or involving state secrets, shall be processed online in line with the procedures determined by the State Council, the decree noted.

Government service providers must not require enterprises or individuals to submit information that is already accessible through information sharing. Neither are they allowed to put the submitted information to other uses.

The decree also confirms the legal validity of electronic signatures, seals, certificates and archives.

The decree came into effect the day it was made public.