The Star Market and Digital Economy Summit, one of the most important forums of the China International Digital Economy Expo 2019, was held on October 10 in Zhengding, Hebei Province.

CFLD and Clarivate Analytics set up the Huaxia Intelligent Innovation Lab. Photo: Courtesy of CFLD

 The Summit embraces the concept of ‘Creative Interests Trigger the Advanced Development of Digital Economy’ attracting more than 200 people from securities companies, funds, enterprises, and research institutes. They focused on Star Market policies and outcomes, and facilitated the discussion on financial capital in the digital economy era, on how industry services could contribute to the development of corporations and the creativity of the industry. They have significantly improved the Hebei economy.

Gong Xiaofeng, Director of the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Hebei Province and Secretary of the Party Leadership Group, attended the forum and delivered a speech. 


Building the ‘expressway’ of digital economy in Hebei  

In recent years, Hebei province has attached the greatest importance to the digital economy, regarding it as the key element of the current industrial transformation. And we have been witnessing a rapid integration of information technology and economy as well as societal development, the huge scale of digital economy and its enormous potential. Several hot issues have been tackled, such as how to effectively exploit the advantage of Star Market as well as other capital resources, and how to ensure the continuous progress of science and technology company.

Gu Qiang, the senior vice president of China Fortune Land Development (CFLD) and head of the company’s Industry Research Institue, said the development of the digital economy in China should be adaptable in the science and technology industry with its multi-level capital market, improve the attractiveness and competitiveness of the capital market, relocate the capital to the frontier of the digital economy, and build an effective and collaborative economic system.

Hebei is in a historic and strategic period with challenges and opportunities. It welcomes the coordinated development for the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, the construction of the Xiongan New Area, and the Winter Olympic Games. Yin Ruoyuan, the executive vice president of Visionox Technology Inc., said the company it launched two manufacturing lines in Hebei. And many other companies from relevent industries are also visible in Hebei, especially after the launch of the sixth-generation AMOLED.

Setting up Huaxia Intelligent Innovation Lab

In this summit forum, CFLD and Clarivate Analytics initiated their cooperative project: Huaxia Intelligent Innovation Lab. The Innovation Lab promotes open cooperation and innovative joint contributions, assisting small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of science and technology, such as technological scanning, patent arrangements, consultation services on business models, market development and innovation models. All these are aimed at forging new industrial zones, and innovative clusters that run under the local government.

CFLD and Clarivate Analytics have worked together in the fields of technological innovation assessment and trends studies, and this will lead to the search for how to provide better support for the industrial development of science and technology information services. The Innovation Lab will set up its digitization display center, showing the comprehensive and innovative solution to different industries in research and development, achievements transformation and commercial expansion.

In the meantime, CFLD is actively pushing forward the Lab project to carry out innovative solutions in their newly targeted city, so that services there could be further enhanced, and establish the new industrial clusters. As for Clarivate Analytics, it will continue to focus on academic research, intellectual property and standards, life sciences, and aiding the innovative development of Chinese enterprises.

Furthermore, the big data platform was on display at the exhibition, and its new products were revealed for the first time. These included the Star Market big data, semiconductors, vehicles and biomedicine. Those products are designed to provide intelligent services, include systematic analysis for the listed enterprises, enterprise monitoring, scientific prediction of capital flows, and exploration of investment opportunities.