A contestant from the UK competes in the finery category.

A Russian chef prepares to cook.

A florist competes in the floristry category.

Traditional paper cutting art is showcased during the event.

At the hairdressing competition, a hairstylist demonstrates her styling skills. Photos: Lin Luwen/GT

The Belt and Road International Skills Competition kicked off in Chongqing on Monday and will last until Thursday. A total of 700 people from 44 countries and regions have been testing their skills in automobile technology, electronics, hairdressing, joinery, bakery, bricklaying, plumbing and heating, and others – with a total of 18 categories across a wide range of industries. 

During the hairdressing competition Tuesday morning, the contestants were asked to design according to a proposition given by the judges, and then cut, style, color and complete their work in 150 minutes. 

“It is very meaningful to promote international communication in terms of skills,” said Abd Halim Jahaya, team leader of the Malaysian contestants. He is especially confident in the category of fashion design and hopes for a good grade for the team. 

Thousands of visitors, a lot of them college students, came to Chongqing International Expo Center to watch the heated competition on Tuesday.