Tang Xinfang stay with graduates of the Hangzhou Dianzi University. Photo: VCG

A dorm keeper with only a primary school diploma has been invited by the university where she works to teach writing after she completed six novels in six years.

Tang Xinfang, who manages more than 500 dorm rooms at the Hangzhou Dianzi University in East China’s Zhejiang Province, has started a public class about writing and communication to share her writing experience and skills with students.

Tang compares writing to drawing a fish. The big bone is the main line of a story, while the details are like the flesh. Filling in the storyline with details makes the drawing look like a fish. 

Tang, 50, ceased her studies after graduating from primary school, but continued writing for years and is interested in recording her daily life, according to the report of Beijing Youth Daily.

During her days at work, she writes essays during lunch breaks or while commuting to work, and also writes when she returns home. 

Tang completed six full-length online novels in six years, totaling more than two million words, the report said.

Her works were admitted to the Zhejiang network writers’ association, which invited her to become a member in 2018.

Netizens expressed admiration to the dorm keeper for her persistence in chasing her dream. 

“She is so great to have a dream and finally make it come true,” a Sina Weibo user commented.