Photo: CCTV/Weibo

A man was shot dead after a shooting on Thursday evening in downtown Washington D.C. and a suspect has been taken into custody, said the authorities.

The suspect shot the man just after 5 p.m. eastern time (2200 GMT) near the Chinatown area and the National Portrait Gallery, said D.C. Police Chief Peter Newsham at a news conference Thursday night.

The suspect was hit once, either in the hand or arm, said Newsham.

The victim was shot multiple times and died later in a hospital. No officers were injured, and the suspect has injuries that are not life-threatening.

“(A) shooting in this area is very unusual; this is a very, very safe part of town. This was what appears to be a very brazen act by a violent offender,” Newsham said. “Thankfully, our police officers were close enough to ensure that this person was quickly taken into custody.”

The investigation is still underway.