The book Putin: Innenansichten der Macht Photo: the courtesy of Yilin Press

 The Chinese version of Putin: Innenansichten der Macht, a German book on the life of Russian President Vladimir Putin, debuted at the Russian Culture Center in Beijing on Thursday. 

“The book’s release marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of China-Russia diplomatic ties,” Zhang Hongbo, director-general of the China Written Works Copyright Society, told the Global Times on Thursday.

The book was written by Hubert Seidel, a German journalist who used to work at German weekly news magazine Der Spiegel as an editor. The author strives to portray an accurate and full-fledged image of Putin and reveal the logic of his international and domestic political decision-making after collecting authoritative and valuable first-hand information and interviewing many of Putin’s political friends and foes.

“There is no other journalist from the West who can get so close to Putin as Hubert Seidel,” an editorial from Der Spiegel once said.

Seidel accompanied Putin as he traveled abroad and interviewed Putin many times, so he has been able to closely observe Putin’s style of governance and his way of life since 2010. Putin even accepted the author’s in-depth interviews following major international and domestic events, which showed Putin’s deep trust in Seidel.

Putin had previously made an exception to attend the launch of the book’s Russian version, which is a strong proof of the truthfulness of the content of this book.

“This book will show the interests of the competing parties and a true view of Vladimir Putin,” reads the preface of the book.

The Chinese version was published by Yilin Press. The China Written Works Copyright Society will attend an international book fair held in Moscow from September 4 to 8 to promote its Chinese version.