With artificial intelligence being used to track lost children in China, one company now has plans to use the technology to find lost pets.

Chinese AI company Megvii has unveiled a nose-print recognition product to help find lost dogs.

Just as humans have unique fingerprints, no two dogs share the same nose prints.

This considered, Megvii has launched a nose-print recognition solution, which is now being used to identify different dogs.

Users can take pictures or videos of their dogs’ noses and upload the content to Megvii’s online system, which will scan the files to find key attributes of the dogs’ nose prints.

The data will then be stored in an online database and form a unique nose-print identity card for each dog, Megvii said in a statement on Thursday.

The technology can also be used to help the government register dogs more efficiently, and once the database becomes large enough, it can also help find lost dogs, Megvii said.