Chinese netizens fiercely debated on “freedom of dressing” for women following an incident in which a Chinese actress wore what seem deemed to be overexposed sun-tops in public.

An article reminding netizens of last month’s controversy over “bold” dressing of Reyizha Alimjan went viral on Chinese social media on Monday, saying that it reflected that Chinese women still could not decide what they could wear nowadays. They lack “freedom of dressing.” 

Reyizha Alimjan, 33, was revealed to be wearing a yellow low-cut tank top in the airport back in July. Some net user criticized her, saying that the tank top she was wearing was too revealing. 

“She can only draw attention by bearing her breasts rather than her drama series,” said a net user.

Some even said Reyizha was like a “tart” who wanted to use provocative dressing to attract attention. 

“Sorry, I am too unsightly for you guys. I am trying to lose my weight,” Alimjan posted on Sina Weibo on July 31.

However, she commented under the post saying that “please be confident girls. Whether you are fat or slim, good-looking or not, you are always the special one! Just be yourself and love yourself.”

The post had over 200,000 likes as of press time. 

“A girl, no matter what shape or color she has, has her own freedom in dressing. And on this premise, she should not be restricted and prevented by others, and should not be evaluated and discussed through any forms like words and actions,” read the Monday article.  

The article also said the situation is better overseas as women can wear bikini on the beach and wear sexy tank-top on the street without any concern in foreign countries. 

However, it said that women in China would probably face malicious comments, vulgar jokes and even humiliating words if they are “overexposed.”

The article triggered heated discussion online. Some net users agreed with it saying that “Chinese males always like to talk about female’s looking and dressing” while “a girl should have the right to decide what to wear.” 

But some people said they were offended as the article was smearing the image of Chinese men while flattering foreign men. 

“That is ridiculous. The writer is depriving other’s right of speech while striving for a right she already has,” said a net user. 

“I don’t think she is telling the truth. I only see her inciting of gender rivalry and she knows nothing about respect,” said another.