Feng Xiaogang poses for photos after winning the Best Director award for his movie “I Am Not Madame Bovary” at the 53rd Golden Horse Awards in Taipei, southeast China’s Taiwan, Nov. 26, 2016. The awarding ceremony of the 53rd Golden Horse Awards was held here on Saturday. (Xinhua)

The China Film Administration on Wednesday banned Chinese mainland films and associated personnel from participating in the 2019 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards.

The announcement came shortly after the mainland halted a pilot program that allowed mainland residents from 47 cities to visit Taiwan as individual tourists from August 1.

The executive committee of the Golden Horse Awards told the Global Times on Wednesday that they regret the ban.

“The ceremony has already entered the review stage and related events will be held as usual,” said the executive committee.

The Golden Horse Awards ceremony will be held in Taipei, the island of Taiwan, on November 23. 

During the previous ceremony, held on November 17, 2018, Taiwan filmmaker Fu Yu expressed her support for the independence of the “Taiwan nation” in her acceptance speech, which upset many netizens and was later contradicted by Chinese actor Tu Men, a former Golden Horse Winner for Best Actor.

Later in the evening, actress Gong Li, the chair of the jury, showed her dissatisfaction toward Fu’s statement by refusing to take the stage to present the award for Best Feature Film alongside Ang Lee, the famous Oscar-winning director.

“I hope we can do pure art, without any politics getting involved,” Lee told media after the awards.