China is actively promoting the construction of a national, integrated traffic management platform which could screen out traffic-rule-violating automobiles by recognizing driver’s faces and the appearances of cars. 

At the just-concluded China Road Traffic Safety Forum in Hefei, East China’s Anhui Province, an official from the Ministry of Public Security noted that the platform has connected 800,000 units of technical traffic equipment, and will realize a nationwide video-monitoring system by the end of the year, according to on Wednesday.

Sun Zhengliang, an official of the Ministry of Public Security, said at the forum that the ministry is improving the application of technical measures including big data to accurately detect illegal acts.

Drivers without licenses and the use of fake license plates have always been difficult problems for road safety management.

The platform screened 126,000 vehicles suspected of having counterfeit license plates in 2018, among which 110,200 appeared frequently in results. After synchronizing the data with the traffic management platforms of provinces and cities, 109,000 vehicles were analyzed, of which 81,000 were valid, said the report.

The application of intelligent technology into the traffic management system has been promoted in recent years, according to the report.

During holidays, traffic management departments across the country use navigation software to send warnings and traffic information to drivers.

Liu Zhenfei, president of map services provider AutoNavi Holdings, said that of all the ways to obtain traffic information, 72.3 percent of information is obtained through mobile map apps.

“On May 1, voice alerts for dynamic traffic events were sent to drivers more than 170 million times,” Liu said, and 26.5 billion voice alerts were sent out in 2018, saving travelers at least 1.93 billion hours of traffic jam time.