China firmly opposes the United States using state power to suppress Chinese companies, according to the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) Thursday.

China will take necessary measures to safeguard the legitimate right and interests of Chinese enterprises, said Gao Feng, a spokesperson with the MOC.

The United States has used state power to suppress Chinese companies, which not only seriously damaged the normal business cooperation of enterprises in the two countries, but also posed a great threat to the global industrial and supply chains, Gao noted.

“China objects to the generalization of the national security concept and the crackdown on regulation-abiding Chinese firms,” Gao said, urging the United States to stay rational and correct its dangerous actions.

He said that China had made solemn representations to the United States and would keep up with the issue closely.

Gao says that the best response to US bullying is for Chinese firms to continue to grow and become stronger.

As the United States keeps sniping at Chinese companies through long-arm jurisdiction, Gao said, China is firmly against any unilateral sanctions against Chinese entities by any country based on its own domestic laws.

“We urge the United States to halt its wrong actions and create conditions for normal trade and cooperation between enterprises of the two countries to avoid further blows to bilateral economic and trade ties,” Gao said.

The Chinese government will continue to deepen reform and open up wider in a bid to creat a stable, fair and predictable business environment to facilitate enterprises, and the country will provide higher-quality, reliable and diversified products to consumers worldwide, Gao said.