Hainan International Arbitration Court

(Hainan Arbitration Commission)




For the purposes of adapting to the development requirements of the Hainan Free Trade Port construction, promoting internationalisation and professionalism of arbitration in Hainan, optimizing the structure, and building a high-quality arbitration team with diversity, professionalism and multidisciplinary needs, the HIAC has decided to enlarge the arbitration panel at home and abroad. According to relevant administrative provisions, relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:

I. Qualification

(I) Domestic Applicants

1. Fulfill the legal requirements set forth in Article 13 of the Arbitration Law of the People’s Republic of China.

2. Dedicated to arbitration business, fair and neutral, able to independently undertake arbitration cases and guarantee deadlines for handling cases during the appointment period.

3. Subject to no criminal punishment, no record of serious warning or disciplinary sanction due to CPC discipline or serious demerit in the past eight years, and no bad credit record.

4. Healthy, not aged over 65 (the cut-off date shall be 30 June, 2020; the age limit for current expert arbitrators of domestic and overseas arbitration institutes may be loosened accordingly).

5. Applicants from different occupations or regions shall also meet the following conditions:

(1) Staff of arbitration institutions, obtaining a national legal professional qualification certificate, with eight full years of arbitration work experience.

(2) Lawyer, holding the post of chief lawyer, deputy chief lawyer or partner, or having work experience in foreign-related legal affairs.

(3) Retired or resigned judges, having worked as a judge for more than eight years with civil and commercial trial experience of more than five years.

(4) Personnel engaged in legal research and teaching, having the title of associate professor or associate researcher or above, and the in-service personnel shall be subject to the approval of the entity where they work.

(5) Professional personnel engaged in economy and trade, etc., having senior titles and master’s degrees or above related to economics and trade, etc. .

(II) Foreign Applicants

1. Currently serving as arbitrator in overseas arbitration institution(s).

2. Having professional knowledge and practical work experience in such fields as law, economy and trade, investment, finance, securities, construction engineering, intellectual property, maritime and marine affairs, etc..

3. Subject to no criminal punishment and no bad credit record.

4. Healthy, not aged more than 65 (the cut-off date shall be June 30, 2020, and the age limit for expert arbitrators may be loosened appropriately).

II. Recruitment Procedures

(I) An applicant shall submit the following materials within 30 days by email from the date of promulgation of this Announcement: Arbitrator Application Form which can be downloaded from the bulletin board of our official website (www.hnac.org.cn) and filled in, two-inch full-face photograph with blue background, identity document (identity card, passport etc), academic qualification certificate, practicing qualification certificate, designation certificate, main academic or research results (publishing information is required) etc.

Applicants for the registration of arbitrators in 2020 including application materials submitted after April 2019 shall not apply repeatedly. (Please notify HIAC of any change of information if any).

(II) The HIAC shall examine and verify the authenticity of application materials submitted by the applicants and confirm its qualification for application.

(III) Personnel selected and appointed shall be announced to the public upon review and approval in accordance with the procedures stipulated by the HIAC, and appointment letters shall be issued.

III. Contact Information

Address: 12/F, Penghui International Mansion, No. 20 Heping Avenue, Haikou, Hainan Province, China

Contact person: Lianjie Li

Telephone: +86-898-68583503

E-mail: lilianjie@ hnac.org.cn

The announcement is hereby made.

Hainan International Arbitration Court

(Hainan Arbitration Commission)

May 21 2020