A venomous cobra, a national-level protected muntjac deer and an unknown snake are found near the airport after days of heavy rains in East China’s Fujian Province. Photo: Screenshot of video by The Beijing News

Heavy rains in East China’s Fujian Province turned a local airport into a temporary shelter for waterlogged wild animals and provided employees with a feast of a huge fish.

Intense rains not only inundated the Wuyishan airport’s entire tarmac, the flood flushed a number of wild animals that live in the local mountains and river toward the airport.

A venomous cobra, a national-level protected deer and large local fish were found near the airport, a video posted by The Beijing News on Tuesday shows. 

Two local police officers waded through flood waters to carry a small muntjac deer, which was trapped by the flood at the airport’s cargo hub, to safety and back to the mountains, the report said.

The airport was closed for an entire day and an employee surnamed Wang said they eventually had to drive the animals away .

Several fish that were caught as the flood receded were not so lucky. The heaviest, weighing 27 kilograms, was served to employees for dinner.

The Beijing News